Tuesday, June 1, 2010

South 80

The South 80 is the garden that is 80 feet square and south of the house. Sweet corn was planted 2 weeks ago and cultivated once. It will be thinned soon.

Potatoes are doing quite well. They were just rototilled for the last time. I will hand hoe them one more time and hill them up a little more. By then the soil will be shaded enough that no weed will grow. I'm down to my last 5# of potatoes from last years crop.


  1. Larry, just for fun I should take a picture of my new 120 by 60 plot before rototilling and planting. You would drop dead! It is new ground so the weeds were so thick, I had to mow first. God Bless my little Merry Tiller she is working her way through it.

    What kind of tiller are you using.
    How many feet of potatoes do you plant for how many people that will last you all winter? I am not very successful storing mine.

    At my ripe old age, I need to learn some new gardening tricks.


  2. I'm use a 5 h.p. walk behind tiller. I plant about 200 feet of potatoes for 2 people. Eugenia and me. I store the potatoes and onions in an old outside basement staircases.