Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Grass Clippings

I mow just over an acre of lawn and put it all in the garden all the time. This is from one mowing.
I then rototill in into the soil immediately.
A view from the other end.

Every time it rains I till it again and after three times its almost gone and ready for more.

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  1. Very interesting Larry. I've been lucky enough this year to get the grass clippings from our local cemetery (herbicide free)....and I usually dry them out in my polytunnel before spreading on the raised beds.

    It has made a really big difference - I spend hardly any time weeding now, just a quick hoe over the paths between raised beds. Also these beds hold onto moisture when I water (it's been very dry here for the last two months).

    Finally there are so many more worms and other good things in the soil. I began using mulch seriously in the polytunnel last year and grew better peppers/aubergines etc than every before. I now think it crazy not to cover the soil.