Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Flat Leaf Parsley Planted Under a Board

I planted about 20 flat leaf parsley seeds under an 8 inch long 2X4. Parsley seeds are very slow to germinate. Keep them moist and have a little patience. I then slowly thinned them to these two
I then transplanted them with a bulb planter. They don't like to be transplanted but this method works quite well.

And here they are.


  1. Larry, I am still waiting on the cilantro under the board to germinate.

  2. Larry,

    (1) Beautiful garden. I'm green with envy.

    (2) I'd sure like to be able to use your USS Little Rock pics on the LR Assoc. website. Would that be possible?

    Art Tilley
    USS LR Assoc. Webmaster