Monday, July 11, 2011

2011 Asparagus

This picture was taken on April 9, as soon as the soil could be worked in the spring. No asparagus had yet reached the surface.
On June 27, after harvesting over 40 lbs of asparagus and making a few laps around the edge of the bed with a hoe, I have quit harvesting.

Two week later.


  1. Tell us what your secret is for keeping weeds at bay once the asparagus is up.

  2. Hard work. I cultivate my entire garden every time it rains. Period... The alternative is even harder work after the weeds are knee high and your garden is half of what it could have been.

  3. How big is this area? I have tried a couple of times but asparagus isn't cooperating with me. I love your photos and info. Kitty

  4. Kitty... This area is 3 feet by 25 feet.