Monday, March 29, 2010

Planting beets and carrots

The soil is now dry enough to work and so the planting will begin. Beets and carrots will be planted first and I plant them the same way. I plant a 12 foot row of each. In the fresh stilled soil I make a mound about 2 inches higher then the original surface and then make a row with a rake the width of the rake. I thinly scatter the seeds through-out the 12 inch wide row and cover them with a thin layer of fine soil. I then pack the seeds down with the back of my rake. Not done yet. I then form a small and shallow depression on each side of the row for drainage. If you get a real heavy rain those little ditches will protect your seed bed or tiny seedlings. If you don't get a heavy rain you just got lucky.


  1. Never knew about the drainage trench idea. Have you been doing that forever, or is it a newer idea?

  2. I've only been doing the drainage trench thing for about 25 years. I started doing it with beets and carrots and it worked so good that now I do it with all my seeds except corn. In a few weeks you just hoe them out. Larry

  3. I planted my beets and carrots too. No ditch. Hope I get lucky.